We're proud to present a new way to experience Stockholm.

Explore Stockholm is an interactive, guided tour. You choose which aspect of the city to explore and that decides which sites we visit and which stories you’ll experience.

guide tour

Explore Stockholm could fall into many categories. It´s a vodcast and a mobile museum, all rolled into one. For the sake of simplicity, let’s just call it an interactive guide tour that lets you choose which aspect of Stockholm you want to explore.

Based on your choice, we’ll take you on a journey that uses geofencing technology and GPS positioning to launch remarkable stories about the places we visit at just the right time.

With running narration over the loud-speakers and moving images on a screen, you'll experience Stockholm in a way no-one else has done before.

Explore Stockholm Crime

Stockholm Crime is a guide into the underworld of Stockholm that let´s you experience major crimes that´s taken place in Stockholm. With commentary over the loud-speakers and moving images on a screen you’ll explore the sites of crimes that made the news all over the world. The Stockholm Crime guide is written by the acclaimed documentary maker Anton Berg.


In the Stockholm City Guide, we go beyond a conventional tourist guide and show you the real Stockholm. You'll get the low down on what places to visit and on top of that we'll explain what sets the locals of Stockholm apart. After this tour, the best hidden gems of the city will be yours for the picking.

Launched in 2015


Stockholm is home to past, present and future stars. With our Celebrity guide you'll learn more about who they are, where they go and stories about how it all began.

Hopefully we will increase your odds of encountering them during your stay here.

Your choice

Explore Stockholm is designed for you to experience Stockholm the way you want. So, please tell us what category you want to explore next. Maybe a guide to places where Stockholm's biggest movies were recorded with augmented reality features? A guide to Stockholm's nightlife? Or something else? We want to hear from you!

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On June 29 we launch our 1st category, Stockholm Crime - book your guide experience here. For more information please read the FAQ or contact us at kundcenter@taxistockholm.se.

Pickup: Included inside city limits
Drop-off: Included inside city limits
Route time: About 90 minutes, including pickup and drop-off
Cost: SEK 950

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